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How Silver Was Meant To Be

About Argentium

Argentium is high purity, responsible silver, with a range of superior attributes that impart strength and beauty to jewellery items.

High Purity Silver

Argentium Collections jewellery has a silver purity of 96% - meeting the UK Britannia standard.

Strength & Durability

Suitable for even the finest of chains and stone-set jewellery.

Brighter & Whiter

The natural brightness of Argentium beautifully outshines other white precious metals.


Argentium Silver is well-suited for those with sensitive skin and is nickel free.

Lasting Shine

Excellent tarnish resistance ensures your jewellery is easy to care for and keeps its lustrous finish.

Responsible Silver

Argentium is always made from responsibly sourced silver.

Look For The Mark

Look for the The Argentium Winged Unicorn as certification that your jewellery has been made in 'The Finest Silver'.